Masport HXL400WV Vacuum Pump, Liquid Cooled, 400 CFM @ 18"

MasportSKU: VP-MAS-400WV

Sale price$6,351.12


Combining substantial air flow capacity and minimal downtime, the Masport 400 is an industry standard.  It operates at 400 CFM and has a shaft size of 1 3/8”. This pump is used in the oil and gas as well as septic industries. The Masport 400 is liquid cooled and uses oil at a rate of 1 gallon every 11.64 hours. 

  • Achieve minimum 27” Hg (Intermittent)
  • Liquid stabilized design– provides reliable operation under extreme hot or cold weather conditions, and allows for higher continuous vacuum operations
  • Precise machining and assembly
  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Viton oil seals for longer service life
  • Kevlar vanes are heat stabilized and machined with exacting tolerances for superior ruggedness and durability
  • Superior pump life
  • Mechanical oil pump with automatic oiling that delivers the right amount of oil at all working levels – no adjustment required
  • Durable translucent high temperature oil lines – allows visible flow of oil to the pump
  • Integral mounting bosses guarantee precise alignment for hydraulic drive or gearbox mount applications
  • End Thrust Protection prevents rotor to-end cover contact created by direct PTO drive or misaligned belt driven systems
  • ¼" NPT vane flush port
  • Double end shaft accommodates clockwise or counter-clockwise drive systems
  • Integral valve allows the pump to operate in vacuum and pressure mode and reduces plumbing and installation costs
  • O-Ring endcovers eliminates air or oil leakages
  • Easy to service
  • One year performance warranty

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