Jurop RV360 Package, Includes Vacuum Pump, Muffler and Secondary Part No. 18140094E0


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This Pump Package includes the Jurop RV360 vacuum pump, muffler and secondary. The package is fully assembled.

Pik Rite part #: VP-JPR-360PACK


About the RV360

Jurop's RV360 is a rotary vane pump that is air injection cooled with two contra opposed fans, and features automatic lubrication, copper oil piping, built-in vacuum-pressure changeover valve. The pump is direct transmission. It has max pressure of 30 PSI and comes in at 16 horsepower. The side-mounted oil tank has 1 gallon capacity, and the pump has two vane inspection ports. The Jurop RV360 Vacuum Pump is suitable for heavy-duty operation.

Pump Specifications

Rotation: Counter-Clockwise
RPM: Range 1100-1300
Max Vacuum:  28” / 92%
CFM at Free Air: 360
CFM at 18”: 332
Max Pressure: 30 PSI
Horsepower: 16
Noise at 18”: 76 dB
Pump Weight: 430 lbs
Oil Tank Capacity: 1 gallon
Recommended Oil: ISO 150
Jurop part #: 18140094E0



RV360 Series Installation, Use and Maintenance (.pdf)

RV360 Specifications (.pdf)

JUROP Pumps Brochure (.pdf)

RV360 Spec Sheet at a Glance (.pdf) 

RV360 Dimensions (.pdf)

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